Aiden Bex with a mic in his hand. He is performing spoken word. Aiden is wearing a loose white t-shirt and is heavily tattooed.

Aiden Bex

"Tequila. It's all fun and games until you try to snort it!"

I began performing in my early-forties when I entered and won a local poetry slam with my spoken word poem 'Man Meets Metal'. Since then, I have been fortunate to perform in venues around the UK and at Hastings Pride.

I mostly write about LGBTQ+ culture and mental health issues, with poems on addiction, chemsex, depression, and inclusivity. I also worked closely with the Brighton-based charity, The Martin Fisher Foundation, to write and produce a spoken word piece for their 2018 campaign Making HIV Stigma History.

Brandy Bex in her 'nurse power' pose - hand on hip with the other hand making a v sign with her fingers similar to that of peace or Girl Power by The Spice Girls. Brandy is wearing her NHS Band 6 uniform.

Brandy Bex

"Just grab a cute doctor and go'n have a cuddle..."

Sister Brandy Bex is the nurse I would love to be if I knew I could get away with it. Created in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, Brandy is my first comedy character.

Brandy is sassy, as smart as a whip, and likes to call a spade a spade. Though she can sometimes be a tad unprofessional, Brandy is no less caring and always gets the job done - even if that does mean being a touch flexible with the Code of Conduct!

Charlie Bex doing a shoulder mount pose on a pole. Charlie is heavily tattooed and has a white clown face. He is wearing his black shorts, braces, and hat. The photograph was taken by The Image Cella.

Charlie Bex

"There's nothing like a bit of Charlie to liven things up!"

Charlie Bex was created a few years ago for a pole showcase routine and he has popped up a few times since with tricks both on and off the pole.

Sadly, due to an injury and a failed operation, pole dancing is more limited than it was. However, he still has some moves and is now learning aerial hoop. I'm not sure what the future may bring for Charlie but there is still some life left in the old clown!