Extravaganza 3 - Fringe Benefits! promotion graphic with Brandy Bex in her nurse uniform and Stella Pint in her blonde wig and gold dress. The Brighton Fringe logo is in the top left corner.

EXTRAVAGANZA 3 | Brighton Fringe 2023 | Ironworks Studios

All That Bex is back with a third instalment of the most fantabulous cabaret event of recent times, Extravaganza – this time, with Fringe Benefits!

Hosted by the sensational Stella Pint and featuring local NHS hero and glitzy glamourpuss, Sister Brandy Bex, Extravaganza 3 offers incredible performances from the world of comedy, burlesque, and drag.

Expect a relaxed atmosphere, a phenomenal line-up, and a healthy dose of sexual confusion!

"The most fantabulous cabaret event of recent times!" ★★★★★ (Mr Gonzales, Bed 8)

"Brandy's footwear is totally inappropriate but she always turns up for her shift." ★★★ (Mary, Matron)

This show, and other All That Bex productions during Brighton Fringe 2023, will be fundraising for the registered charity Nurse Lifeline - supporting the mental and emotional well-being of nurses in the UK. As a nurse who has experienced work-related mental health issues, and given the lack of mental health support available, I can't emphasise enough how important it is to support such a wonderful charity.

During Brighton Fringe 2023, 10% of the profits from ticket sales at All That Bex productions will be donated to Nurse Lifeline. Additionally, between 5th May - 4th June 2023, the sale of selected items on the All That Bex website will see 100% of the profits going to this amazing charity. Check out the All That Bex website for details during Brighton Fringe 2023.

Tickets are available online from the Brighton Fringe Box Office.

A review of Extravaganza 2 – Glamourpuss! can be found here.

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